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    Funding solutions not bandaid fixes
    Cash flow solutions, not band-aid financing fixes

    Business funding should not be just a short-term fix. Sure, clients sometimes need a quick win to improve cash flow and get out of a jam — what we call band-aid financing. But the better approach is looking at how to maintain adequate working capital consistently,

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    invoice factoring strategic financial tool not last resort
    Invoice factoring is a strategic financial tool for growth at any stage

    Many business leaders and CFOs, both at well-established enterprises or helping burgeoning businesses get a foothold in the market, have been using invoice factoring as a strategic financial tool and part of their overall financial plan for years. However, those less familiar with invoice factoring may

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    Invoice factoring vs. business loan
    The advantages of invoice factoring vs. business loan

    Learn how comparing invoice factoring vs. a business loan will set you on the right course for better financing decisions. Because invoice factoring isn’t actually a loan, but rather an advance on invoice payments, it has considerable advantages for businesses when compared with other credit options.

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    Invoice factoring advantages
    Invoice factoring advantages beyond fast cash

    At some point, most businesses need to boost their cash flow, and for a wide variety of reasons. Making payroll, increasing inventory, beefing up business development, rolling out new product SKUs, keeping the manufacturing line running smoothly — the list goes on. In recent years,

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    B2B funding during COVID
    Secure B2B funding during COVID — and blast through the pandemic

    COVID-19 has affected the business world in many unexpected ways, and companies have had to make major changes to navigate the realities of a global pandemic. However, every challenge presents an opportunity. If you’re looking to emerge from these uncertain times with a new corporate structure

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