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    B2B funding during COVID
    Secure B2B funding during COVID — and blast through the pandemic

    COVID-19 has affected the business world in many unexpected ways, and companies have had to make major changes to navigate the realities of a global pandemic. However, every challenge presents an opportunity. If you’re looking to emerge from these uncertain times with a new corporate structure

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    Benefits of Asset-Based Lending - Partnerships
    Benefits of Asset-Based Lending to Turn Your Prospects into Long-Term Clients

    Your clients may not always qualify for traditional funding. That’s when the benefits of asset-based lending can offer additional options and keep your client’s cash flowing — and your relationship strong. If you’re a commercial lender, finance professional or business advisory firm, you might have clients

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    Everything Old is New Again. A Modern Take on an Old Problem

    “The Wild West” was “a period characterized by roughness and lawlessness.” If ever a definition applied, this would clearly explain the current lower end of the middle market lending arena, namely small Asset Based Lenders (ABL) and single ticket factors.

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    Asset-Based Lending, The Dark Side of the Financial Community

    The Galactic Empire strikes us as the quintessential example of how not to effectively run an organization. It is fair to say, the lessons learned from the failures of the Empire can easily be failures which our own organizations here on Earth can fall victim

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    Funding a Future for Our Children

    Education unlocks enlightenment and success. Most folks would agree on that. But the rising cost of four-year degrees and graduate studies has driven the rise of competitive two-year and industry specific accelerator programs.

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    The Power of Telling People Why

    In this blog post, we look at a company that’s successful not only because people believe in their mission of doing good in the world, but because they’ve done such an outstanding job of communicating that mission.

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    Video Games & Music

    “At one point, video games became pop culture,” explained Raymond Herrera as he cruised north along the California coast from Los Angeles. Herrera is well connected to us as a referral source and industry expert. His personal journey from hit recording artist to pioneering video game soundtrack

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    Successful Thinking: 13 Reasons Why You Are Failing

    Too many times we fail, not because we are not accomplished enough, but because we fear the unlimited success that we are capable of. The greatest way of overcoming your fear of failure is to constantly tell yourself that you are not the first one

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