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    1 Toronto Street
    Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

    Telephone: 416.708.8746 (CANADA)
    Telephone: 512.710.6737 (US)



    Funding solutions that just make sense

    We’re here to help your businesses take advantage of profitable opportunities as they arise. With our support, you can commit to new ideas and increasing opportunities—quickly and with confidence.

    We believe that entrepreneurs and emerging businesses are the souls of our economy. Through innovation and determination, companies are born. But growing businesses face unique challenges.

    We started Blacksail Capital Partners to make it simple for emerging businesses to access the right level of funding at the right time. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and we have collectively helped hundreds of entrepreneurs execute their vision and build wealth for their stakeholders.

    Asset Based Lending up to $30 Million
    Revolving lines of credit for B2B companies based on their A/R, Inventory or other tangible assets.

    Lender Financing up to $30 Million
    Revolving lines of credit for commercial & consumer finance companies.

    Factoring up to $10 Million
    Receive immediate financing by selling your credit-worthy B2B invoices.

    Equipment Leasing / Financing up to $15 Million
    Assist with financially-challenged entities monetize manufacturing plants, real estate, and capital equipment.

    Cash Flow Lending up to $15 Million
    Investment capacity is based on liquidation values of secured assets or asset pools or verifiable cash flows.

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