Relationships drive everything we do.

Our 55 commercial finance professionals¹ – across origination, underwriting and account support – are relentlessly committed to delivering the right funding, the right way, at the right time for your business or client. Proactive, responsive, and there for you – every step of the way.

We’re the team you need to realize your vision

Our industry leading management group is uniquely qualified to help businesses like your to access the right level of funding, when you need it.

Origination team:

Character Counts

This vision drives each of us individually and as a team. It leads our approach to working alongside other lenders as valued partners, through our entire professional network and in every client relationship.

Our team is hard-working and committed to offering the right funding that fits your unique business needs. With deep expertise in the financial industry, we know every business and fellow commercial lender needs great partners that are just a quick call, text or email away.

Trust and transparency are key to any partnership. We provide that as a partner, and look for that in all our client relationships.

Our team is able to underwrite deals quickly and give fast decisions. Great communication is critical to ensure you feel supported through every deal, and that you have an ongoing partner in Blacksail.

We are able to cut through red tape and deliver as promised. When we work with you, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience.

We have total, uncompromising commitment to each of our client’s success. Your business growth is a reflection on our own success, so we will work hard to find creative solutions to any funding need through one or more solutions.

A good partner has a never-say-never attitude and willingness to find a solution when others cannot. This is part of our strength, and we realize that businesses and partners rely on us to problem-solve for them when they need it most.

Senior Management and Credit Team

1) As of June 2021 across all companies which form a part of the Garrington Group of Companies.