Four Productivity Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

The secret to getting more done might be in your pocket

We all hear the constant drumbeat to be more productive, grind harder, and put in those extra hours to get ahead. For entrepreneurs and teams hustling to build a small business, time demands can be overwhelming. We think there’s a better way.

Our working capital solutions and expert insights are all about taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. And that includes leveraging advantages to work smarter, not harder. Perhaps the easiest place to start is with your smartphone and desktop apps.

If you aren’t already using these digital tools to streamline your workflow, why not give ‘em a try?

RescueTime – Where does all the time go? With RescueTime, you track how every minute of your workday is spent. There’s no substitute for accountability. And that’s especially true when it comes to time management. RescueTime tracks activity on apps, websites, and on various tasks—all of which are customizable. Set time alerts, block distracting websites, and choose amounts of time to focus on each task. You can receive progress emails, log highlights about what you accomplished, and even track how much time you spend on offline activities like email, meetings, and calls. Start with their free version and consider upgrading to their premium or whole-team packages.

Feedly – Knowledge is power. Staying apprised of industry trends and happenings is critical to your decision-making process. But most of us don’t have endless hours to pour over news sites, insider blogs, trade publications, and magazines. That’s why aggregator tools like Feedly are a kick-ass way to gain a lot of important knowledge fast. There are several out there, but Feedly gets our vote for its clean look, relevant results, and ease of use (especially for customizing your feed and categorizing saved stories). As a bonus, you can add keywords alerts (like mentions of your company), as well as new Tweets, YouTube videos, and RSS feed updates from anyone you follow. Set up your feed and let Feedly be your most meaningful scrolling of the day.

Trello – A favorite app for list-makers and the the well-organized, Trello is really just a simple and effective system of boards and checklists to keep you on track. It’s proven to be a wildly effective team workflow tool in just about every sector of business. The concept is based on an organization technique first embraced by software developers called the Kanban method. And if Trello’s boards can keep hyper-complex stuff like software engineering on budget and ahead of schedule, imagine what it can do for your company! Trello also has a desktop version and handy integrations with email, popular CRM software like Salesforce, and many email programs. Let’s get organized!

LastPass – Reusing passwords is a great way to get hacked. Do you have time to mitigate identity theft? We don’t. And if you’re like us and break into profanity after getting locked out for forgetting a password after three tries, a password manager is exactly what you need. LastPass has consistently been ranked as the best of the best for years. It’s easy to use and it’s trusted by top digital security experts. Best of all, it works in the background of your smartphone or desktop, auto-filling password fields and alerting you to vulnerabilities. All you have to do is remember one master password. Check out their business version to secure your entire operation.

We hope you find these apps supercharge your productivity as much as they do for us. We believe in giving small businesses an edge however we can.

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