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    1 Toronto Street
    Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

    Telephone: 416.708.8746 (CANADA)
    Telephone: 512.710.6737 (US)

    Our Clients

    Our Clients

    We partner with companies who:

    • Have B2B sales, providing a product or service
    • Have expansion needs
    • Want improved cash flow
    • Are experiencing rapid growth
    • Wish to leverage assets for a buyout
    • Are restructuring or in a turnaround
    • Wish to have an additional product line
    • May not be eligible for bank financing

    Industries served include:

    • Wholesale and Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Value Added Resellers
    • Consumer Goods
    • Digital Media
    • Staffing
    • Commercial & Consumer Finance Companies

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