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    1 Toronto Street
    Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

    Telephone: 416.708.8746 (CANADA)
    Telephone: 512.710.6737 (US)

    About Us

    About Us

    What makes us different

    We are a team of entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur problem-solvers— experts with decades of experience crafting personalized lending solutions that drive profits.

    Rebranded to Blacksail Capital Partners (“Blacksail”) from Next Edge Commercial Finance (in Northeast USA and Canada) in September 2019 to better reflect the change in ownership and becoming a member of the Garrington Group of Companies. Blacksail was established to complement Liquid Capital’s factoring business to focus on Asset Based Loans ranging from $1 million to $30 million.

    Blacksail focuses its expertise on providing working capital solutions to the underserved small to the mid-sized middle market sector in North America. Serving many industries including; manufacturing, transportation and logistics, staffing, digital media, and consumer goods, amongst others, the company strives to provide quick access to capital, which would typically be more flexible than banks.

    We are backed by a strong capital base benefitting from a long-term focus and the requisite infrastructure to deliver scalable financing as your company grows. Our focus is on building a relationship-based sourcing model, with established referral sources, and performing comprehensive due diligence with the assistance of Line Financial Services Inc., our independent Underwriting and Processing team. We believe that today’s economy is attractive for our products and services due to a large and diverse target market and a very active non-bank lending environment.

    Our clients can expect:

    • Fast underwriting and fast decisions.
    • No bureaucracy. No red-tape. No surprises.
    • Direct collaboration with our decision-makers.
    • A dedication to service over self-interest.
    • Total commitment to your company’s success.

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