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Blacksail Capital Partners delivers a flexible funding model that helps businesses quickly access capital when opportunities or challenges arise.

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Delivering strong and sustainable businesses support

Our wide range of financial products are designed to meet the diverse needs of our partners.

The Garrington Group of Companies has built up a loan book exceeding $400 million¹ focusing on the underserved small to mid-sized middle market sector providing credit facilities from $1 million to $30 million. Our strategic areas of focus include:

Asset Based Lending up to $30 Million

Revolving lines of credit for companies based on A/R, Inventory, Plant and Real Estate, and other tangible assets.

Lender Financing up to $30 Million

Revolving lines of credit for commercial & consumer finance companies.

Invoice Factoring from $1 million – $30 million.

Receive immediate financing by selling your credit-worthy invoices.

Equipment Leasing / Financing up to $20 Million

Assist businesses to monetize manufacturing plants, real estate and capital equipment.

Specialty Lending up to $30 million

Investment is based on liquidation values of secured assets, asset pools and verifiable enterprise values.

Expert Advice

With deep experience in strategic funding, our team of experts is here to support you as you plot your path forward.

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Funds Deployed²

Invoice Factoring, Asset-based lending and more


Commercial Finance Professionals³

Our team has deep experience in funding strategy and deployment

Alloy Supplier

llinois, USA

$2 Million USD

Collateral – Eligible A/R and Inventory

Service – Aviation

Florida, USA

$3 Million USD

Collateral – Eligible A/R and Inventory

Boutique Investment Bank

Ontario, Canada

$26 Million CAD

Collateral – Cash and Securities

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Business is about relationships and trust

We’ve worked with many different types of businesses to help them move forward with funding. Our people have deep experience in business finance and are able to problem-solve and deliver in a way that drives trust. That’s what we’re about, and that’s how we like to work.

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1 & 2) As of June 2021 across all companies which form a part of the Garrington Group of Companies as well as the Capital Provider – Next Edge Private Debt LP.
3) As of June 2021 across all companies which form a part of the Garrington Group of Companies.

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